Our Initiatives

In view of our core objective as a brand to drive socio-economic empowerment for youth and women through rendition of cost-effective and strategic business support services through the use of digital technology and media tools, we have developed the following initiatives to serve as both the launch pad, as well as the delivery portal to help manage effective service delivery and sustainability.


www.234central.com is our online social support platform, designed to serve as a collaborative business and skills network for trendy and enterprising minds to connect, share and achieve. .

Access to site functions are free and the site’s content is both member and administrator sourced.

234 central is an exclusive platform created for individuals who have great ideas and are passionate about making a reality out of them by connecting with people of like minds in a social and progressive space.

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View234 Media

#BeyoundTheRegular – View234 is an advocacy digital media and web solutions initiative developed to positively influence the common narrative through the use of media and technology.

As an innovative public relations and content management service platform, our core objective is to provide centralized access to news, creative content, events and empowerment and monetization opportunities by leveraging digital and creative media tools.

Our Mission: to influence the average Nigerian youth narrative positively by leveraging digital technology and content development as a tool.

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Scale-Up Base

Scale-Up Base is an inclusive brand marketing, sales and social-earning portal, designed to employ digital technology and media tools to cost effectively drive value exchange and revenue generation for brands and enterprising individuals.

Leveraging the scalabity and reach of digital technology, it has been designed with the core objective of helping startups, brands and enterprising individuals achieve their financial goal or bottom-line through strategic collaboration.

Connect, Collaborate, Earn

More info on www.234central.com