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Some Press mentions About Our Work


Client Feedback

  • The VIN team took my project from an idea and developed a digital business, saving me a lot of stress and expense. They fully understand how to  combine simple tools that are user friendly, taking their time to ensure that we spend less and get more - from design to launch.
    Chidi Poiz, Founder Builders Zone Nig.
    Builders Zone NG / DSK POIZ
  • The VIN team were extremely supportive towards helping us achieve our goal for a successful event. They helped us utilize technology in a way we were unaware of. We got an inclusive event portal as against the basic website we had in mind and they went the extra-mile with support event after the event.
  • All I had was an idea with no technical knowledge or skills. The Visionary Impact Netwox team developed my idea into a full blown money making web portal!
  • I sold from my website for the first time in 48hours after my property website was launched! I got feedback from one of clients, that my website was quite user friendly!
    Moji Solar-Wilson, Realtor
    Solar Worldwide Realty

Some of the Brands We've Worked With

Over the years of our establishment, we have developed projects and provided support services for other client organizations and individuals.